A person with swollen eyelids

In an article for Optometry Today, optometrist Sandra Davidson shared her experiences diagnosing and managing swollen eyelids in her patients.  

What causes swollen eyelids?  

In the article, Davidson discussed the various causes of swollen eyelids, including allergies, infections, and underlying medical conditions such as thyroid disorders. 

How to treat swollen eyelid 

Davidson emphasized the importance of taking a thorough patient history and performing a comprehensive eye examination to accurately diagnose the underlying cause and swollen eyelids treatment.  

She also discussed how to reduce swollen eyelids with topical and oral medications, warm compresses, and lifestyle changes. 

Throughout the article, Davidson shared case studies of patients she has treated for swollen eyelids, illustrating the importance of individualized care and attention to detail in managing this condition.  

What helps swollen eyelids?  

She also provided tips for managing swollen eyelids at home, such as avoiding rubbing or touching the affected area and using over-the-counter allergy medications as needed. 

In conclusion, Davidson’s article provides a comprehensive overview of the causes, diagnosis, and management of swollen eyelids. Her case studies and practical tips offer valuable insights for optometrists and other healthcare professionals treating this common condition. 

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