Finding a new job can be hard, especially if you have limited experience in the job market. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of bagging that job!

Below are our top tips to getting your new job:

Get Networking

Many people find their jobs from people they know rather than the traditional means such as job adverts.

You can speak to your friends and family to see if they know of any opportunities that would suit you. They might even have someone in their network who is recruiting and pass your details on. Remember, everyone you know has a network that could be different from yours so it’s always good to let people know you’re looking.

However, networks can also be digital. Platforms such as LinkedIn provide a wide range of professionals to connect to. Making sure that your profile is up to date and connecting with recruiters or people currently working in your sector could open doors for you.

Attract employers

The internet allows you to post your CV to a magnitude of sites within minutes. Rather than searching through pages and pages of jobs, consider getting employers to come to you. Posting your CV online will help employers find and message you if you’re right for the position they’re hiring for.

You can also upload your CV to recruitment sites which allows them to scan their database of jobs and see if any match your CV. This also means that they’ll be able to sell you to the company and support you throughout the process.

You can also attract employers through social networking sites, such as LinkedIn. Make sure you update your LinkedIn profile and show that you’re active so that recruiters can find your page and message you about jobs they have open.

Remain positive

When looking for a new job, we can all get knocked back. Try to keep a positive mindset even when you don’t feel it. Remember that when you do get rejected, it’s not personal. On average, companies select 6 applicants to interview so there is always the possibility that you won’t get an interview, let alone the job.

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