NHS nurse wearing a mask and scrubs preparing for a procedure

The NHS is coming back strong with hearing services back at pre-COVID volumes 

After a challenging two years, the NHS has announced that it has successfully restored hearing instrument services to pre-COVID volumes. 

Why are NHS waiting times so long?  

The pandemic caused significant disruptions to audiology services, with many appointments and procedures postponed or cancelled meaning that the NHS waiting list for surgery grew. This also had a detrimental impact on individuals with hearing loss, who rely on these services to maintain their quality of life. 

However, thanks to the hard work and dedication of audiology teams across the country, the NHS has been able to restore services to pre-pandemic levels. This is an impressive achievement considering the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19. 

The restoration of hearing instrument services is a crucial step in ensuring that individuals with hearing loss can access the care they need. It highlights the importance of investing in audiology services and supporting healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to improve patient outcomes and reduce the current NHS waiting list.  

Despite this positive news, there is still much work to be done in addressing the backlog of patients who have been waiting for appointments and procedures. The current NHS waiting list data shows that we must continue to prioritize audiology services and ensure that individuals with hearing loss receive timely and effective care. 

We commend the NHS for its efforts in restoring hearing instrument services and thank all audiology teams for their hard work to reduce the NHS waiting list during these challenging times. 

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