What is perfect match?

Perfect match is the easiest way to find your next job. The world has changed over the last two years and we know that you want more from a job than just the basic good pay and free parking. We’ve designed perfect match so that you can get everything you want from a job without having to put hours into job searching.

Perfect Match is all about you. We know happiness at work is a driving force to people leaving and understand how important being happy is. We look at both your clinical skills and your personality to match you with companies who will see you as more than your job title and value you as a person. Our service is safe, secure and confidential – and completely free! There’s no catch, we just know how important being happy at work is to all aspects of life and want to support you with making a change that effects this.

We have connections with branches, stores, clinics and practices across the country so will be able to search our catalog to find your Perfect Match. By using this service, you will also be changing the way the industries see their employees and have a positive impact on the future of job searching.

This service is for everyone working in Optics, Audiology, Pharmacy, Veterinary and Dentistry. You can be looking for your next job or job curious. Keeping an eye on new opportunities through our Perfect Match service is the best way to keep ahead of the competition.

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