Private Associate General Dentist

West Malling Dental
West Malling, Kent
£1200 or More Daily For a Motivated Dentist

Job Details

  • Part Time General Fully Private Dentist with Ready Potential for Full Time in Brand New Surgery in an Incredibly Charming Affluent Commuter Town on the outskirts of the City of Maidstone. 
  • Implant/Orthodontic Experience an Asset
  • You Love Improving Confidence of Your Patients and Yourself.
  • You Enjoy Learning New Skillsets to Thrive in every area of General Dentistry as well as having particular Natural Interests/Strengths.
  • You are Interested and Willing to Improve Yourself- Transform Your Weaknesses and Push Your Envelope
  • You Enjoy Sharing and Learning from and with Your Peers
  • Great Financial Opportunity for a Focused worker
  • Opportunity for Ongoing Improvements in Your Enjoyment of Dentistry, Communication, Slickness of Hand,  and Above All -Confidence!
  • You Want to Work hard to benefit Yourself and Your Team