Pharmacist Manager

Job details

£40,000 – £55,000 a year
Job type


  • GPHC number (Required)

Full Job Description

Pharmacist Branch Manager Job Role Reports to- Area Manager At Manor Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on helping our local community with the service that we offer. As a pharmacist, you are at the heart of how our shops operate and we expect you to keep our shops operating. Responsibilities Manor Pharmacy require you to be GPHC registered (registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC) and have satisfied them that they meet their requirements) This must be renewed with the GPHC every year, which involves completing a declaration stating that you meet all of our professional, fitness to practice and ethical standards. Professional roles and responsibilities is in adhering with our company SOP’s, which cover all contractual obligations (to GPHC) and local CCG. This includes all essential advanced, enhanced and local commission services (subject to your area). Please refer to the company’s SOP file found within our branches, including information governance file. As well as above your responsibilities also include:
  • Managing dispensary and shop systems e.g. Repeat prescriptions, services, stock control within both shop and dispensary
  • Reacting to what new services are available within the area and signing the branch up to deliver this service.
  • Introduction of patient support services e.g. Blood pressure, Diabetes (if offered)
  • Liaising with doctors developing strong rapport
  • Keeping up to date with current pharmacy practice, new drugs and their uses.
  • Cash Sheets sent to head office at time stipulated by the company (if applicable to your role within shop)
  • Overseeing cashing up procedure
  • Time sheets sent to head office by 21st of every month
  • Appraisals- To be done yearly with individuals to track progress and development areas (If applicable to your role within shop)
  • Overall appearance of shop to be kept clean.
  • Procedure in place for return of UK stock
  • Staff holiday cover organized It is your responsibility to ensure that quarterly reviews have been completed and a personal development plan has been set up for each employee within your store with an agreed action to aim for within the next 12 months
You must meet/exceed your personal objectives that were set for you and play a key role in driving the targets set for the year Job Types: Full-time, Part-time Salary: £40,000.00-£55,000.00 per year Schedule:
  • Day shift
  • GPHC number (required)
Work Location: One location