Optometrist Band 6

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£33,706 – £40,588 a year
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Exciting job within Oxford Eye Hospital Optometry team. This is a secondary care post that will suit those who have carried out a pre-reg in the hospital elsewhere and want to move our beautiful city or would suit those who want to start on their exciting career path within the Secondary Care optometry in transition from primary care – leading to involvement in extended roles once skills consolidated across the service. You will work within our multi- disciplinary team in the examination of children, fitting contact lens for keratoconus and delivery compassionate low vison service. Full training will be given. It is anticipated that as part of your career progression you will want to work towards extended roles in e.g. glaucoma care with funding for college higher qualifications available so that you can develop skills towards a varied weekly timetable You will have access to senior clinicians to guide you and consolidate your skills in optometry. We are part of the regional teaching for ophthalmology with easy access to training alongside our ophthalmology colleagues. There are options for career progression through formal higher qualifications or MSc apprenticeship and hard work within the team. Routine and complex refraction adult and Children. Delivering Optometrist/Orthoptics led pediatric cycloplegic refraction clinics at Oxford eye hospital site and from other peripheral outreach clinics in county. Work within multidisciplinary clinics alongside ophthalmologists in delivery of non-cyclo and cycloplegic ped refractions. Deliver low vision clinics -assessment of needs and loan of optimum aids Medical contact lens fitting and aftercare management of keratoconus, aphakia, graft and bandage lens fitting. Fitting of scleral lenses – full and mini scleral lens designs. Monitoring of keratoconus