British Army

Leicester, MID


Dentist   Nationwide & overseas Full-time £70,000 after training with regular pay rises YOUR ARMY NEEDS YOU As an Army Dental Officer, you’ll experience opportunity unheard of in civilian life. You’ll belong to something much bigger than yourself and do a job that really matters. Taking care of our troops’ dental health is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your dentistry career. No two days will look the same. You’ll have the chance to travel around the globe, from working in large, nine-chair practices on huge Army bases to small mobile surgeries on operations. As you move around practices, you’ll benefit from building your career in a variety of settings. Moreover, you’ll practice with unrivalled independence. Unlike a civilian role, you have freedom to choose the treatment you know works best – not what the patient can afford. And, when you’re not caring for the oral health of Army personnel, you’ll have the freedom to further your training or get involved in sports and adventure activities. Wherever the Army takes you, you’ll be working with world-class equipment, becoming the best in your profession and belonging to a force that provides world-class clinical care. GAIN QUALIFICATIONS, LEARN NEW SKILLS As a qualified dentist, or at the point of completing dentist training, you have the skills, training and knowledge your Army needs. We give you the chance to take those skills further, being part of something that’s bigger than you and has an impact that stretches around the world. From the moment you join the Army, you’ll be set on a clear path for promotion and progression, receiving all the support and opportunity you need to rise through the ranks and unleash your potential. But we’ll also prepare you for a life outside of the Army by providing you with opportunities to get qualifications that are recognised by civilian employers. Whether you’re newly qualified or an experienced practitioner, we can help you obtain postgraduate qualifications such as the Diploma of Membership of the Join Dental Faculty (MJDF) at the Royal College of Surgeons England. You may also have the opportunity to study at MSc level. It doesn’t stop there. As an Army Dentist, you’ll get the best military and professional training there is. As well as learning basic soldiering, you’ll learn the specialist skills you need to become an expert in your role. With Army Officer training, we’ll help you to become the best you can be. BE REWARDED Become an Army Dental Officer and you’ll: –           Earn a starting salary upwards of £70,000 –           Enjoy 38 days of paid annual leave –           Receive subsided accommodation and facilities, increasing your disposable income –           Receive free medical and dental health cover –           Have continuous access to promotional opportunity –           Be sponsored to earn valuable civilian-recognised qualifications –           Take part in Adventurous Training and be able to play your favourite sports –           Have access to free sports and gym facilities   BELONG TO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS