Chief Pharmacist

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£95,135 – £109,475 a year
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The ICS Chief Pharmacist role will provide strategic leadership for pharmacy, medicines commissioning and supply, workforce and a range of key challenges as well as coordinating other medicines and prescribing initiatives and supporting COVID-19 recovery and the restoration of sustainable services. They will lead as an authoritative expert in pharmacy and medicines with the respect of peers and senior national leaders.The post holder will work on a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary basis across the system with all health and social care stakeholders including mental health trusts, care home and care at home providers, public health as well as NHS trusts, community services, PCNs, community pharmacy and the voluntary sector / community engagement groups to improve people’s lives and tackle inequalities in outcomes and access. As a member of the Executive team, the post-holder carries key corporate responsibilities for the delivery of the ICS’s vision, aims and objectives and, in particular, is the Executive Lead for the safe and effective use of medicines including the system medicines budget, antimicrobial stewardship, delegated or transferred responsibilities for commissioning, including any delegated or transferred responsibilities for the community pharmacy contractual framework and accountability for regulatory compliance.