When it comes to job interviews, many candidates focus on impressing their potential employer with their skills and experience. However, a recent study has found that a different factor may actually be more important in determining who gets the job: the interview task.

The study found that when candidates were given a task to complete during the interview, such as a short writing exercise or a mock sales pitch, those who performed well on the task were more likely to be offered the job, even if they had less experience or education than other candidates.

This is because interview tasks provide a more objective measure of a candidate’s abilities than simply asking questions about their skills and experience. By giving candidates a specific task to complete, employers can better assess how well they can perform the tasks that will be required of them in the job.

In addition, interview tasks can help level the playing field for candidates who may not have had the same educational or professional opportunities as others. By providing a clear and objective measure of their abilities, candidates who have had to overcome challenges such as a lack of formal education or experience can demonstrate their potential to succeed in the job.

Overall, the study suggests that employers should consider incorporating interview tasks into their hiring process to more effectively assess the skills and abilities of job candidates. For candidates, it highlights the importance of being prepared to demonstrate your abilities in a practical setting, and not just relying on your resume or interview answers to make a strong impression.