A lot of nerves and anxiety is not knowing what to expect. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel. Some common ways to prepare for an interview are:

Interview questions

You can research common interview questions (or read our blog post here) to find out what you might be asked during an interview. Once you’ve found these, jot down examples and run through how you would structure an answer to the question. Once you’ve done this, you can do mock interviews with family or friends to help you practice your answers before the day.

Review your CV

Review, but don’t change your CV. Everything this company knows about you is in this document so you need to know what’s on there. You or the interviewer might refer to this in the interview so make sure you know what you’ve put on it.

Review the job description

The job description is the reason you applied for the job. Read through it and highlight what you think might be important on the day. Remember what made you apply for the role, what parts of it you used on your application or how it ties in with your CV. You can also jot down any questions you have that the job description doesn’t answer that you might want to ask in the interview.

Prepare end of interview questions

It’s always awkward at the end of the interview when the interviewer asks if you have any questions, and you say no. You genuinely might not have any questions, but it’s always good to have one prepared. You can research questions to ask at the end of the interview (or see our blog post here) to take some along with you.

Pick out your outfit

Picking your outfit on the day can be very stressful. Take time a few days before the interview to pick out your outfit, ensuring what you want to wear is washed and dried in time. Make sure it’s comfortable, suitable and isn’t going to add to your anxiety on the day. If you’re buying a new outfit for the interview, make sure to give yourself enough time for it arrive (if ordering online) and have a back up option if you don’t like the new outfit.