Rejection after rejection after rejection. Sometimes, hunting for your next job is just a lot of rejection which makes it hard to stay motivated and not just give up. Going into a job search, motivation is high and you’re ready to find your next opportunity but as time goes on, and rejections come through, you can start to feel deflated.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! We’ve got some tips to help you stay motivated when searching for your next job:

Treat your search like a job

If you’re out of work, sticking to daily habits is a way to reduce your risk of encountering unemployment depression. Create a routine for your job search and stick to it as much as possible. The first 30 minutes of your day are crucial as they set the platform for your performance.

If you’re employed but wanting to move employers, set aside time each day to search for jobs. Give yourself an hour to work on your job search. Make sure you note down the deadline for applications for any jobs you wish to apply for but, always be aware that they could be taken down sooner so it’s best to get applications in as soon as possible.

Applying for jobs can be time consuming so be sure to set a routine but also give yourself sometime in the morning and/or evening to relax and recharge from the day.

Find motivation by setting goals

Finding a new job can feel like a massive task and easily overwhelm. While your goal is to find a new job, try breaking this down into smaller SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals that motivate you and allow you to see progress, even if you haven’t got a new job.

Here are some examples of SMART goals you can use in your job search:

  • Making an appointment to talk to a recruiter
  • Emailing five contacts
  • Writing a new CV
  • Building your online profile
  • Completing a job application

Create a network

Searching for a job can feel like a lonely process so it helps to speak to someone who is in the same boat as you. They’ll have a good understanding of how you’re feeling and talking to job hunt ‘colleagues’ can give you a boost and keep you focused. You can also motivate each other when you’re feeling deflated or like giving up.

They might also have contacts within your sector so connecting with other job seekers could be a way of finding jobs that might not have come up through organic searches.

Staying motivated during the job search is hard and can sometimes feel impossible. Keep these tips in mind when hunting for a new job.

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