CCEHC call for waiting times to be reduced

The CCEHC (Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning) has raised concerns regarding the delays in NHS projects. The organization has stated that the delays could negatively impact patients’ eye health, particularly those with conditions that require urgent treatment such as the waiting times for cataract surgery.

The CCEHC has called for NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care to address the delays and take appropriate measures to ensure timely delivery of NHS eyecare services as hospital waiting times England are currently high. The organization has emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment to prevent irreversible damage to patients’ vision.

The CCEHC has also highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of eye care services and has called for additional resources to be allocated to address the backlog of patients awaiting treatment. This will reduce NHS waiting times and bring NHS eyecare services up to the same level they were prior to the pandemic.

The CCEHC’s concerns highlight the need for timely delivery of eye care services and the importance of addressing delays in NHS projects. The organization’s call for additional resources to address the backlog of patients awaiting treatment is crucial to ensure patients receive the care they need to preserve their vision.

To learn more about the CCEHC, check out their website.

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